Over the years we have been involved in many different build
ects from the mild to the kind of ridiculous.
One such vehicle was the Valiant in the picture above. I
purchased this car with many different problems, one was sagging
rear springs.
After I got the car home from our 3 day trek to Melbourne I noticed
the steering column was a three on the tree model auto. The car
now had a B&N shifter.  I soon realised that this car was going to
need some TLC...
Before I would let myself drive it to car shows or cruise events.
Over a three week period I worked on my new toy with gusto. New
rear springs, steering column removed and the three on the tree
selector removed and re moulded to look like an original floor
change unit.
The diff also had a noise in it on over run, so I removed the diff
and replaced it with a second hand unit I already had from other
Valiants I have owned. The original diff in the car had been
shortened 12 mm each side, so I had to cut and re weld the end
flanges to suite.
While I was at it I found a limited diff center on line and fitted it
before painting and reinstalling the Diff housing ack it into the car.
The sound of the Valiants modified 318 ci V8 engine was great
but the transmission was fitted with a high stall converter and at a
certain RPM the exhaust note had a very loud drone so I decided
to fit two new resonators to the rear of the exhaust to eliminate
this deafening sound.
After this work had been completed and I had driven the car for a
few days I realised that the high stall converter was set to high for
the engine and cam shaft at 3500 RPM and made street driving
unpleasant and hard work for the engine and transmission., so I
ordered another converter from the USA set to 2500RPM.
I removed the Automatic and swapped over the converter and
replaced it back into the car.  WOW  what a difference this made
to the way the car drove and accelerated off the line.
Finally something I would really enjoy going cruising in and
showing off to the public.
Repairs Modifications Alterations Custom
As you can see above the car has a great look about it. Nice and low
with out the rear tyres scraping the guards.
The under bonnet area had been painted silver by the previous
owner. He said he was going to do a colour change.  

Datsun rebuild modifications
     Wow so where do I start.......?

This was a monster of a project. I received this car
in hundreds of bits and pieces, it had been
stripped by another mechanic and he decided he
didn't want to put it back together so me being the
kind of guy who doesn't mind a bit of a challenge
YEAH bring her over I'll give it a go. Lol.
When this mighty little car came to my
workshop it arrived with a completely
empty engine bay and boxes of parts
which I proceeded to lay out on the floor
to put them into similar groups ready to be
replaced into the engine bay as the need
Bear in mind this was a very modified
vehicle. It was running a CA18DET
Datsun Silvia turbo engine and five
speed gearbox, all engineered in the
passed. It had been given a complete

Engine overhaul
by :
The team at
West End Performance.

It is running a
HALTECH computer,
larger injectors, after market fuel
system, Much larger Turbo and three
inch exhaust.   etc........
At The Beginning
Modified Engine
An Empty Engine Bay
This is how it arrived but it was not going to
leave like this I was sure of that. When a
customer has a problem I try my best to find a
solution. He was in trouble.
Wiring and Bolt on extras
After some time saughting out the
boxes of parts and laying them out I
began to see a pattern emerge, I then
began to reassemble the wiring loom
and coils etc...
Coils, Breather, Air Intake.
Reconditioned Engine  Ready To go
A Challenge To Be Sure
Working Out The Many Nuts and Bolts
Almost Ready To Go Back In
After Fitting, Aligning The
Gear Box and Mount
Very Close To Starting
For The First Time
After I had reassembled all of this little power houses parts back into there rightful
places it was time to see if it would start.....
I couldn't believe my eyes or ears It started first go. The oil pressure was great, no
rattles or unwanted noises. She was a goer.
Next step was tuning and running her in for a few hundred Kms or so, then an
oil change and back to the customer.
The final Result
New Heavy Duty Button Clutch
This new Button clutch was not my
choice as it was supplied by the
customer. He was saying he had
problems with slippage when the
engine was Standard and didn't want
to risk having it now that the engine
was fresh and modified. He didn't want
to have to remove the gear box again
if an Organic clutch wouldn't hold.
Grill in and wiring
finished... Engine next.
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